currently based in Chicago, Il















Tatiana Sky believes in lucky pennies.They make sculptures that are related the everyday-miracle-kind of magic. 

The transformative power from charging an everyday object with sentimental value lets the object transcends it’s ‘thingness’ and becomes a poetic mode of creating meaning. This is the kind magic that turns sidewalk debris into lucky charms.

The most magical place of all is, of course, the garden. 

‘garden’ is defined here as: an enclosed space designed for deep sentiments to be shared and for things to grow. The work invites you into an enchanted garden space that collapses the landscape onto a hyper-feminine body. The garden creates a space to reconcile with the awkwardness of femininity in it's shifting, wobbling, abstracted form. The person represented in this work exists in flux, reminiscent of an internal puberty being excavated. It is both blushing coyly and repulsing the viewer. Instead of rendering the figure, Tatiana Sky celebrates the clumsiness of growing by presenting a body as a flower in a melted, blobby form. These cartoonish flowers bloom out of the ground and simultaneously droop back towards it. They appear to wilt and fail at assimilating into this new reality which they are alien to. 

This garden is exists as a dream space to subvert the patriarchal desire to conquer nature and instead urges it’s participants to imagine a fantasy place outside of reality.